Snakes on a Plane Model

Had a fun shoot, met some interesting people, some interesting snakes and took some (hoepfully) interesting photo’s of a very attractive and brave model who sat through numerous “snake” changes. It was a hectic but fun day. The shoot was put on by the good folks over at and the model was the beautiful Max Oshiro. The snakes came from the wonderful folks at Hands on Exotics and the ever helpful and knowledgeable Del Niedzialek.

All in all it was a fun time and the actually petting and holding the snakes was pretty awesome as I’d never been that close to a snake before. A very new and exciting experience for me 🙂

Some of these photo’s may be NSFW so if you’re viewing these from work, well, too late, the jig’s up. The HR police are coming to get you.



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